PeCo Smart Counting

The PeCo SmartCounting is aimed at tourist sites such as parks and trails to count hikers and cyclists. The needs of clubs and organizers of one-time events without ticketing are also optimally covered. The PeCo SmartCounting uses heat detectors. These components work like mini thermal imaging cameras. This means: If people pass the sensor, the sensor concentrates infrared heat radiation. The digital evaluation of the signal allows the number of people/bikes to be counted and the passage direction to be determined. The PeCo SmartCounting boxes are simple, small, adapt to any envi- ronment and work independently. The simple, wireless installation of the sensor is another advantage compared to other counting systems.

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Outdoor Use

IP67 casing allows protection in any weather

Immediate Start up

Very easy and quick installation

Easy-to-use Sensor (10 x 8 x 4 cm)

Small in size and can be attached to existing infrastructure

Reporting on Android or iPhone and cloud

Data can be seen both in cloud and using phone app

Recognize the direction of passage

Bidirectional counting

Autonomy of 12 months

Battery is good for 1 full year

Works anywhere with Sigfox or LTE-M wireless network

Automatic transmission of counting data via the LTE-M

Data Transmission

Twice a day


Operation areaOutdoor
Count width per sensor1m-6m
Maximum ideal width3m (95% counting accuracy)
Width over 3mCounting accuracy approx. 90%
Counting accuracy+/- 10% for passages of 3 m
Autonomy12 months
DimensionsSensor: 100 mm x 80 mm x 40 mm
Environmental data
Operating ambient temperature-40° to +40°
Storage temperature-40° bis +40° (dry environment, ideally room temperature)