The combination between a laser-supported detection and a zoom-controlled tracking of a video system is the ideal solution for the monitoring of your open space or outdoor area.

The trespassing or leaving of safety zones is generally monitored by security staff and/or automatic video systems. However, the video surveillance systems all too often deliver only fuzzy images or very low-resolution pictures.
The causes for this are often extensive surveillance areas as well as missing information about where exactly an area has been trespassed.

The laser tracking system from LASE PeCo closes this security gap as follows:

It takes over the control of the cameras incl. zooming on the object
It knows exactly where the area has been trespassed.
It generates the corresponding alarms.
It automatically starts the video recording.
It operates regardless of weather influences.
Your benefits:
The exact information about the location of the trespassing allows for an optimum automatic camera control:

Always the best picture detail
Relief of personnel or reduction of personnel
More security
Cost reduction
Within the scope of the KO-INNO “Kompetenzzentrum Innovative Beschaffung” (Competence Centre Innovative Procurement), this system can also be found in the local project database. For the “Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie” (Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology), this institution intends to ensure the long-term focus on innovation of public procurements.