Our cutting edge technology uses LIDAR scan to create an invisible eye safe laser curtain or a virtual fence. Our software is able to create the complex shape of the perimeter or the facade of a building not missing any nook and corner

Our software evaluates all created monitoring fields/ virtual fences. When an object or a person enters a monitoring field, the alarm is triggered instantaneously.

In order to also determine the exact position of a person on the premises, the measurement data of the laser scanners and sensors will be used. For the horizontal monitoring, the monitored area can be parameterised according to the customers’ needs so that an object will be detected only from a certain minimum distance.

These are the most important features for a reliable perimeter and building protection:

Vertical fence protection through the creation of a vertical scan field

Monitoring of open areas

High detection speed and independent of weather

Immediate triggering of the alarm

Prevents people from entering and crawling underneath

Cutting out of smaller objects such as animals.