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3d Lidar sensor

LASE PECO LC3.0pro can create bike lane zones
Provides counts separately in those zones
All cyclists going in tandem or in a peloton will we counted.

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Cyclists Counting

Answer the question how many cyclists used the bike lane?

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We can also classify
people in bike lanes

We can also classify electric scooters or other forms of mobility

We can also provide speed data

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Together with pedestrian counting we also provide bicycle counting in any outdoor environment. Our solution does not involve any laying of cables or digging and drilling on the path.

You can see pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle traffic in one single portal and compare the traffic, resulting in better overall traffic management, resource allocation and environmentally friendly smart cities.

Our new 3d Pedestrian and Bike Counter LC3.0

Application Areas

Count bicycle traffic

Counting cyclists on mountain bike trails

Counting cyclists in rapid cycle lanes

Counting cyclists in parks

City streets or public arena

Technology Features

The LC 3.0 consists of 3D laser technology and ensures reliable bicycle counting with an accuracy of up to 98%.

The reliable 3D technology works in any environment or with any type of infrastructure.

Due to the high refresh rate of 50 Hz, faster bikes such as e-bikes can also be recorded without any problems.

With the out of the box robust housing, the LC 3.0 is all weather compliant, and therefore resistant to external elements.

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    3D laser for safe bicycle counting

    Detection width up to 40m!

    Compact and robust housing

    High counting accuracy of up to 98%

    Direction of movement measurement

    Insensitive to environmental influences (sun, rain)

    Mounting height from 3 – 20 meters

    Laser class 1 (eye safe)

    Compliant with local data privacy legislation