We install the outdoor people counting device. Our outdoor counter are based on LiDAR technology and provides all weather coverage. Combined with our outdoor and indoor people counting solutions we can crucial insights in the visitor “Turn in ” rate and also visitor to customer conversions. See bellow the detailed specifications of our out door people counting device.

Key Features:

  • Classification of children / adults
  • Zone classification
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Data storage up to 2 months in case of loss of network
  • Quad light curtain for secure people counting
  • High counting accuracy of 98%
  • Detection of directional movement
  • Clearance width up to 32 m
  • Installation height up to 20 m
  • High flow rate up to approx. 500 people / min
  • Laser class 1 (eye safe)
  • Outdoor ability, integrated heating
  • Impervious against environmental influences (sunlight, rain, shadow, darkness)

flexible angle bracket

12° angle bracket 

0° adapter plate 

Operating principle

Total 4 Lines

In 2 lines

Out 2 lines

Distance between scan lines depends on installation height

Laser Based Peoplecounting Technical Data