Our people counting software is an online portal. Every customer gets access to this portal that can be configured to send SMS alerts of people count for occupancy control or checking fill level. A free demo access can be given to assessing the benefits of this in depth foot fall, people traffic analyzing software solution.

The software offers following solutions:

People Counting Realtime Views

Customer Conversion Funnel

For a business it is incredibly important to understand the psychology of customers intent. A business need to distinguish customers based on where they are in the buyer funnel. From theory to books our counting solution provides Customer Conversion Funnel that can give you insights as to how many people visited the store and how many converted into customers!

Historic People Counting Analytics

People Counting Location Overviews

People Counting, in different zones and different directions

People Counting Location BenchMarking

People Counting Passers By Data combined with Weather Conditions

And much much more. This is the most complete people counting solution at a competitive price. A great investment to make your visitors count