Heat Mapping

In addition to the classic people counting and frequency detection using laser technology, our service portfolio also includes the tracing of paths and heat mapping using camera video technology.

The path tracing – also called heat mapping – and the resulting movement data are determined and displayed using the latest technologies and state-of-the-art software. The knowledge and the visualisation of customer paths and people movements in malls, stores, railway stations etc. form the basis for various evaluations. This allows you to optimise, for example, the placement of products, the arrangement of shelves as well as the setup of the entire store using this knowledge.

We offer solutions for collecting and evaluating this information. We will create heat maps in daily and weekly resolutions. The number and the staying times in various zones can be made available as a CSV or XML file.

PeCo Heat map informs you about:

  • The movement of customers inside the store or mall or in a larger area such as cities and shopping malls
  • The customer’s whereabouts and duration of stays
  • The preferred paths
  • Well and less frequented areas
  • The actual POS.

Heat mapping allows the customer to freely define up to 10 zones that are to be monitored.

For the path tracing, we can offer camera-based and video-based technologies for collecting movement data of people.

For the camera and video solution, we provide our customers with a camera including memory or transmission technology for the duration of the recording. More hardware and software on the site is not required. The data are either saved in the camera and then evaluated offline or directly transmitted to our server via Ethernet or GSM and then immediately evaluated.

Thanks to these technologies and the display as a heat map, you will again get much closer the answer to your question about the behaviour of your customers on your sales floor and you will be able, among other things, to even better plan sales promotions and product demonstrations and then to evaluate them.

The path-tracing data can be retrieved as a day heat map. The minimum duration for deployment is one week. In order to identify potentials on a permanent basis and to implement improvements, you have the option of a long-term rental. We will provide the hardware (camera with memory or transmission technology) for rent for the duration of the recording.